We're back home after a fun-filled 4 days in my favorite city. Luella had a week off of school for Spring Break so we decided to take full advantage and head down to my sister-in-law and her boyfriend's house in New Orleans. Don't even get me started on the 1911 beauty they call home. Everything from the hand-nailed original hardwoods to the glass door knobs makes me swoon. Walt and I always say it's a designer's dream. To top it off, those two are the most incredible hosts. Always making sure your glass is never empty, which has gotten me in trouble in the past (ouf!), and always serving up the most delicious food. Rhett's boyfriend, Scott is a chef so we're pretty spoiled every time we go. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from my phone and ones we took with our real camera. If you ever plan to go to New Orleans, let me know and I can recommend some spots you should definitely check out!


Now off to finish folding the copious amount of laundry I have. Back to reality! Happy Sunday!