I thought it would be fun to start a series here showing Before + After photos of our home renovations. Interestingly enough, Luella's room was the first we worked on when we moved into the house but it kind of became a hodgepodge of stuff. I still think it is, but in the end it's a kids' room and I want it to feel lived in and comfortable for her.

When we got the house, every room was painted a different color. Like the worst 90's colors you could ever think of. My in-laws were kind enough to paint our guest room, laundry room, and Luella's bedroom prior to us moving in all of our furniture. So the story with our first paint color goes like this...we (mainly Walt) painted nearly every room in the house BM Marilyn's Dress. That's the color he and I decided on. Because the previous owners made such terrible paint color choices, Marilyn's Dress seemed like a nice, neutral color in comparison. Then we lived with it for a couple of years and started to realize how blue and muddy it looked. Slowly, but surely we've repainted every single room again with the exception of our guest bedroom and bathroom, as well as the kitchen (those are next on our list.) We've repainted it SW Snowbound, my very favorite white, and I've promised Walt we'll never repaint again! And for your information, I chipped in this time around and did a lot of the repainting myself. Of course I feel bad covering up Walt's (and even my in-laws') paint job but you have to understand I went to design school and studied this stuff. I can't just leave it alone. I'll sit there and obsess about it until it's done. It really is a curse.

Excuse a 3-month old Luella, me and my phone call in the frame. I was on the phone with AT&T setting up our internet and cable and apparently Walt couldn't wait a few more minutes to take this before photo.

The major changes we made were removing the carpet and installing hardwood floors, hiring a company to hang plantation shutters on the window, and replace that builder grade ceiling fan with a new one. I normally don't like ceiling fans but we're in Texas - it's the sensible thing to do, especially in a bedroom on a 2nd story level. 

I wanted to mix the old with new so we did just that. The antique Jenny Lind style bed was actually Walt's sister Rhett's childhood bed that her granddad refinished. And the painting of their ancestor's home in South Carolina hung above it in Rhett's bedroom. I'm not the most sentimental person but even that gives me all the feelings. We incorporated some colorful elements like the geometric throw pillows and the multi-color shag rug to make the space lively and modern. 

If I could describe the style of Luella's bedroom I would say it's a marriage of mid century modern and traditional, with whimsical details that make it charming for a 4 year old girl.