Yesterday, I was texting back and forth with my friend Kristen and we started talking (texting) about blogging. She told me my then-blog Amerikaw was one of the firsts she'd come across. I told her I loved blogging so much. I really did. I mean, I do. I miss it. I loved sharing my thoughts and connecting with those who were going through something similar or could empathize. Then I started to think of the reason I stopped. Truthfully, I started reading the GOMI thread about my blog and it really messed with my head. I think anyone who's been blogging for a while knows what I'm talking about. It sucks to have people pick apart your life and talk about you, your husband, and your kids in the most hateful way. So I just stopped. 

I've dabbled a little here and there with this site but haven't fully committed. I think it's time I let go of my insecurities and just do it. Who cares what people may or may not say. You can't please everyone right?

So here are some little moments of our morning. Walt's working today so the kids and I slept in a bit and had a late breakfast. After I cleaned up the kitchen, Luella asked me to help her put together a new puzzle she got from her grandparents. Then we went back upstairs and played in her room for a bit. Felix has been taking swim lessons and Luella loves pretending she's his instructor. It's pretty cute (and terrifying) how she lifts him up on her bed and helps him kick his legs. Felix is napping as I type this so once he wakes up we're just going to run a couple of errands and then head back for a semi-fancy dinner here at home. I'm going to try and get Luella to eat pork roast with a fig and blood orange sauce. So yeah, wish me luck on that one!

Baby knuckle dimples. 

Felix got confined to the walker after trying to basically destroy Luella's puzzle. Ha!

My favorite words Luella has ever written are now taped to her bedroom door.